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Croatia engagement photographer | KATARINA & DANIEL

If pictures could play the voice of a trailer, we are sure it would be Morgan Freeman’s one saying: “One shiny day. One oddly bright couple. One true love story.”
But this is not a trailer, yet a connection photo shooting. Tho we’ve had a material for a movie, we’ve decided to tell this story through some photos – cause that’s what we do the best. We’ve witnessed how the forest becomes home to these two incredible souls, same as distance becomes just a test to see how far love can travel. And for his love, Daniel came all the way from Sweden.

Asking yourself why we’ve mentioned Freeman? Cause he only accepts amazing stories to work with. And since he wasn’t there, we’ve took his intro role for this one.

kata_daniel_engagement_photographer01 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer02 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer03 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer04 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer05kata_daniel_engagement_photographer07kata_daniel_engagement_photographer09 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer10 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer11 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer13 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer14 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer15 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer16 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer17 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer19 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer20 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer21 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer22 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer23 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer25 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer26 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer27 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer28 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer29 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer31 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer32kata_daniel_engagement_photographer34kata_daniel_engagement_photographer36 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer37 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer38 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer39 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer40 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer41 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer42 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer43 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer44 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer45 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer46 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer47 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer48 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer49 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer50 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer51 kata_daniel_engagement_photographer53


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